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About Us

The short story of Twin Turtle Quilts...

  • 1995 - I started my Longarm Quilting business out of my home while I raised my four babies (two boys and two girls)
  • 2005 - Began publishing my own line of patterns, complete with lectures and vending at Shows
  • 2011 - Opened my own Quilt Shop--best decision ever!
  • 2015 - Began offering online sales
  • 2019 - Expanded our Brick & Mortar Shop, now twice the space for fabric & a spacious classroom!
  • The name, Twin Turtle Quilts? We live in Turtle Township, Turtle Creek is across the street, and the youngest of my "babies" are Twins!

Thanks for visiting!

Teresa Popanz, owner

Cheerful Staff: Sherry, Stacey

Finding us

Twin Turtle Quilts is just 12 minutes from Interstate 39/90

Additional parking is available one block east in the Village parking lot. Use the walkway between Tangles and American Family Insurance and it will lead right to our shop across the street.

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Longarm Quilting Service

  • Fully Computerized
  • Free Quotes
  • Prompt Turnaround
  • All over & Edge-to-Edge designs start at 2.25 cents per square inch.
  • Custom work available

Tips for preparing your quilt top: 

Keep quilt layers separate; no pinning is needed

Top must be clean and pressed flat. Excessive threads and/or pet hair may incur additional charges.

Top should be free of embellishments, if possible. Only Custom designs can be used on three-dimensional works.

Top should be as square as possible. Borders that do not lay flat may result in tucks or pleats and will usually incur additional charges.


Your backing needs to be 4"-6" bigger all around than your top. If your top measures 70" x 90" then your backing needs to be a minimum of 78" x 98". If you think "it's close enough"--bigger is always better!

I will gladly piece your backing, starting at just $7 per seam. This includes removing selvages, cutting to size, and pressing.

Please do not use bed sheets. The weave is generally tighter which may result in uneven, skipped stitches or, worse, broken needles--which will result in significant additional charges.

Multiple pieced backings, like back art, are acceptable but I cannot guarantee that the backing will be 100% centered with the top. Instead of adding a stripe down the center of the backing, purposely put it off center. This way it will not matter if it's off a few inches.


Quilters Dream Batting is the only brand that I carry. It's available in cotton, poly, blend, wool.

If you supply your own batting, make sure it is at least as big as your backing and should be cut square, as much as possible.

More Pricing Info

Minimum quilting charge is $45.

Thread charge is 5% of the actual quilting and/or binding cost.

Additional charges, other than mentioned above, may apply for mending, pressing, shipping and insurance.

Binding: I do not offer this service at this time.