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Block 15, Simple Alternative

Block of the Month Sew Along

I hope you enjoyed last month's three easy blocks. This month's block is a large 27" star. No offense to the Moda designer, but I, personally, am not a fan of this block as designed. I think it's much too busy. Perhaps if it is done in the solids it might not be too bad, but in our print fabrics, I just don't care for it.

 Block 15 Retro

I redesigned the star. It is still very stunning and it is much easier to piece, too.

 Redesigned Star #15

Use your choice of fabrics but I'm labeling them according to my fabrics:

  Background: (4) 6-1/2" sqs, (8) 4" sqs, (8) 3-1/2" sqs

  Main Red: (8) 4" sqs, (16) 2" sqs

  Main Green: (8) 4" sqs, (16) 2" sqs

  Second Red: (16) 2" sqs

  Second Green: (16) 2" sqs

  Border Squares: (17) 3-1/2" sqs, any colors

Make eight 4-Patch blocks with the 2" Main Green & Second Red; also make eight with the 2" Main Red & Second Green.

 Four Patches

Using the 4" squares, make Half Square Triangles; Main Red with Background, Main Green with Background, and Main Red with Main Green. You will end up with eight of each. Square these up to measure 3-1/2".

 Half Square Triangles

Make four of this block. Make sure each part is rotated correctly.

 Main Red Block   Main Red Block

Make four of this combination. 

 Main Green Block   Main Green Block

And finally make four like this.

 Red and Green Block   Red and Green Block

Now take one of each of those and a Background square and make this block. This is one fourth of the star. Make four of these.

 One Fourth Star Block

Rotate and sew these four together and you have the star!

 Star Block

The original My Favorite Color Block #15 is a 27" block. Right now this new star is only a 24" block. Make rows of the 3-1/2" Border squares and add to the two sides to make it the 27" block. Once you sew this block together with the other blocks, the border squares will blend right in and not look like an afterthought.

 Add Border Squares    Blends In

There you have it. Make the star as designed in the pattern booklet or this easier star. The choice is yours.


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