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Blocks 4 & 5, My Favorite Color is Moda

Block of the Month Sew Along

We are back to more Half Square Triangles this month. Blocks 4 and 5 are identical piecing but show how color placement can change the look of a block. Block 4 has a light background while Block 5 is dark. I'm not sure which I like better!

Block 4

Block 5

Here they are in the Folktale and Back Porch fabric lines. (Reminder, some of my fabrics may differ from yours. If you need help swapping fabrics, just ask, I'm always happy to help.)

Block 4 Folktale fabrics       Block 5 Back Porch fabrics

There isn't much to say about construction of these blocks so I'm going to share a useful tip this month.

When you have a lot of Half Square Triangles to square up (or other trimming), there is a lot of wear and tear on your cutting mat. I have gotten into the habit of using a smaller mat for this trimming. The benefits are:

  • Turn the cutting mat instead of turning the fabric, or walking around the table.Small cutting mat benefits
  • If you are in a shared space, like a classroom, you can easily pick it all up and move if someone needs the large cutting surface.
  • Easily take the scraps to the garbage.                                       Easily dump scraps
  • Small cutting mats are cheaper to replace. Save your expensive large mats from all of the repeated cutting.
  • Some companies have fun, new colors for the smaller mats. Besides the standard green, Olfa Splash 12" x 18" boards come in hot pink and aqua ($19.75). These are also easier for cutting green and other dark fabrics.Olfa Splash mats

We have quite a lot of Half Square Triangles in the next few months, I hope this tip helps. Next month we have a rather large block. If you haven't already cut all of your individual pieces (82 squares!), wait until after you read next month's Blog where I will give another tip that, I feel, saves some time.


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