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Blocks 7 to 14

Block of the Month Sew Along

Simple Blocks for the Busy Summer Months! This is really what I should have used for the title. This is a combined Blog post for June, July, and August. For those of you who can't attend the 1st Saturday Gatherings each month, I apologize for not keeping up with these posts. I will try to do better going forward.

All of these are pretty simple and several of them are the same but in different sizes. Here are the blocks in the three colorways that we are using.

Blocks 7, 8, 9 (June)

 Folktale Blocks 7 8 9

Retro Blocks 7 9

 Traditional Block 9

Since there were three of Block 9, I switched them up. By rotating the pieced rectangles on the sides you get an entirely new block!

Blocks 10, 11 (July)

 Folktale Blocks 10 11

Retro Block 11

Traditional Blocks 10 11

And again, since there were two of Block 11, I rotated some of the pieces:

 Traditional Block 11

 And now, we are caught up. The next three are the blocks for August. You make three of each block, but they are all really simple.

Block 12

Folktale Block 12

Retro Block 12

Traditional Block 12

Block 13

Now, I don't know why they call for making three of this block. The way that it is constructed you either make two or four. To make just three blocks you will be wasting fabric or you have an extra block. I only made two of this block and will make four of Block 14. The choice is yours.

Folktale Block 13

Retro Block 13

Traditional Block 13

Block 14--the easiest of the whole quilt!

 Folktale Block 14

Retro Block 14

Traditional Block 14

 Enjoy these easy blocks, September's Block 15 is a doosey! Like Block 6, I will show you a simplified version if you prefer.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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