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My Favorite Color is Moda, The End!

Block of the Month Sew Along

The blocks are made, now it's time to put them together! If you remember way back to the beginning, I mentioned that you can make this into two smaller quilts if you didn't want the 81" x 99" quilt. You will need to make a few additional blocks if you are making the two half quilts. 

The original layout or the two half layouts are just suggested ways to put the blocks together. Obviously, you can switch up any of the same size blocks. But you may also flip or switch around the sections as well. You may notice that I did this on all three of my samples. 

Traditional fabrics Full Size

  81" x 99" All 20 blocks, Traditional fabrics.


Retro fabrics, Top Half

 63" x 81" Top Half blocks, Retro fabrics.

Top Half layout


Folktale fabrics, Bottom half

 63" x 81" Bottom Half blocks, Folktale.

Bottom Half Layout

 I hope you had a lot of fun this past year. I sure did! Be sure to post pictures of your quilt once you finish!


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