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block challenge

Each year the guild I belong to, Rock Valley Quilters, has a Challenge. In October we are given one or more fabrics and a theme and we have nine months to create a quilt or something else. The program for July is very exciting to see what everyone made with the same fabrics. There are no prizes, just a fun night!

Guild Challenge fabrics

This year we got two grey fabrics and the theme is "Friendship". Some members are doing Round Robin quilts, block exchanges, or a quilt inspired by a special friend. I am enlisting your help with my project.

Something From Nothing block

I have design a simple block pattern, "Something From Nothing" (download it here). On its own it's not much to look at. But put several blocks together and you get some real great designs. We are supposed to keep our projects secret until Challenge Night so I won't show the designs at this point.

Penny Lane by Blank Quilting

The color scheme for my project is based on the challenge fabrics (obviously) and this fun print for my border. It's called Penny Lane by Blank Quilting. Just about any color will go with it. I want it to be very scrappy--lots of white or creams, greys, blacks and colors like blue, pink, green, orange.

Here is your first Challenge: Donate one or more blocks to me made in my color scheme shown on the pattern. The quilt or quilts that I make from these blocks will be donated to worthy causes. Drop off or mail your block to Twin Turtle Quilts, 244 Allen St, PO Box 335, Clinton, WI 53525. Deadline is June 25, 2016.

If I receive 40 or more blocks, I will give away a $25 gift certificate! Everyone has an equal chance to win whether you donate one or 5 blocks.

And the second Challenge: Gather your quilting friends (or by yourself) and decide on your own color scheme. Make blocks and assemble your own quilt to donate to whomever you wish. Submit a photo of the quilt, the makers' names, and who will receive the donation. All will be entered in a drawing for another $25 gift certificate. This is more involved for you so the deadline for this Challenge is July 30, 2016.

So, are you ready to accept the Challenge?



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