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My Favorite Color is Moda, Blocks 2 & 3

Block of the Month Sew Along

We take a break from the Half Square Triangles this month. Blocks 2 and 3 are a variation of the classical Courthouse Steps block with the addition of the diagonal chain of squares. They each have identical pieces but the way that the fabrics are located give a completely different look between the two blocks.

Block 2 Traditional     Block 3 Traditional

Block 2 has the same fabrics across from each other, similar to the Courthouse Steps block. While Block 3's fabrics make rings around the block. Same block but different look.

There are some changes that you can do with each block, too, if you wish. On Block 2, below, the Traditional fabrics are placed as the pattern states. The floral Folktale version has the fabrics next to each other. This gives more of a Log Cabin look to the block.

Block 2 Traditional     Block 2 Folktale

With Block 3, below, in the retro Back Porch version, I simply rearranged the squares to give a bit of a change.

Block 3 Traditional     Block 3 Back Porch

Let's look at the construction. First off, since we are using print fabrics, you will want to look at swapping some of the fabrics from what the pattern calls for. Colorwise, if you stick with the fabric numbers called for, you probably won't be pleased. Of course, you can use any of your fabrics that you choose, but here are the fabrics that I used in my blocks:

Traditional Fabrics:

Block 2 Fabrics Traditional               Block 3 Fabrics Traditional

Floral Folktale Fabrics:

 Block 2 Fabrics Folktale                    Block 3 Fabrics Folktale

Retro Back Porch Fabrics:

Block 2 Fabrics Back Porch                  Block 3 Fabrics Back Porch

Lay out the block as you wish then sew the squares to the side "logs". Chain stitch these to save time. 

Chain stitch squares

Now the pattern says to press the seams toward the squares, but I press mine toward the rectangle "logs" instead.

Press toward logs     Press toward log

Sew the top and bottom logs onto the center square and press toward the logs. Now when you add the side log/squares strips, the seams will lay in opposite directions. Be sure to pin at the seams.

Press toward the logs

Seams go in opposite directions

Pin at the seams

Sew on both sides and press toward the side log/squares. You will instantly see why accurate 1/4" seam allowance are critical. If you have trouble matching the seams and everything fitting exactly, your seam allowance are probably off. Fix that now or it will just keep getting worse.

First round complete

Continue adding tops, press, sides, press, repeat until the block is complete. Tip: Set up an iron close to your machine. Or, do like me and purposely put the iron across the room, that way I get more exercise!

Back of completed block

Pat yourself on the back, two more blocks are done! Next month we return to making more Half Square Triangles. Bye for now!



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