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My Favorite Color Is Moda, Let's Get Started

Block of the Month Sew Along

Time to get started, woo hoo!  Here is the first block. It's big, but fairly simple. 

Block One Retro

This is our Retro version. The fabric line is called Back Porch by Moda. Isn't is fun? We are offering three different styles but we probably won't show samples or blocks from all three of them each month.

If you haven't already done so, you will want to take some of each of your ten fabrics and tape or sew to the coloring sheet to make a fabric key. You will refer to this often.

Fabric Key

Following the pattern booklet, cut the squares and pair them up. After a few blocks you'll probably remember which fabric is what number. Until then, refer to your fabric key.

Before we go any farther, let's go over a VERY important part that will save you some stress later--Seam Allowances! This patterns has various size blocks, some with a few seams, some with several. The only way that these will fit together is if your 1/4" seam allowances are accurate.

Let's see how accurate yours are. Cut two pieces of any scrap fabric 2" wide. Sew them together with a 1/4" seam and press the seam allowance to one side. Your piece should measure 3-1/2" wide. If not, then your 1/4" seam is not correct. Make adjustments and try again.

Seam Allowance 1    Seam Allowance 2

Even if you've been quilting for years and are sure that your seams are good, humor me and do this step anyway. I've been quilting for 35 years and my seams were off. Hmm, how about that! There are all kinds of tricks and tools available to get accurate seams. Sometimes it's just a matter of better pressing. If you just can't get it, stop in and we'll see what works best for you.

The majority of the blocks in the whole quilt will have Half Square Triangles (HST) in a variety of sizes. This is the easiest way to make these. On the lighter fabric of the pair, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side. Use whatever marking tool you'd like; this will not show. Pin and sew 1/4" on both sides of the drawn line then cut apart.

 HST 1 


You now have two HST but they need to be squared up to the size stated in your pattern. There's two ways that I like to do this. The first way you need to press the block (toward the darker fabric). Then lay the diagonal line of your square on the seam line and trim off a TINY bit of fabric from the side and top. Rotate your block; line up the diagonal again AND the left and bottom lines of the block size. This particular one shown is being squared up to measure 6-1/2".


The second method uses the Quilt in a Day Triangle Square Up Ruler. I love this ruler! This one is trimmed before you do the pressing. Lay the line of the block size (6-1/2" shown) on the sewn line and trim the side and top. Also trim off your corner tips. You are doing half the cutting as the other method.

 HST 4     HST 5

Then you open the block and press the seam. But you need to be careful to only press with the grain of the fabric (move the iron up & down and sideways) and not on the bias (corner to corner). That will stretch it and your block is not square anymore. 

Lay out your HST blocks according to the pattern. I found that writing the fabric numbers was easier to follow than the colors.

Lay out pieces

At this point, I decided that I wasn't totally pleased with the look of the block so I switched a few of them around. The left is the pattern's way; the right is my way. Basically I flipped around the 6/9 pieces and my center makes a diamond instead of an hourglass. It's up to you. Your finished block doesn't have to be exactly like the pattern.

Pattern way    My way

When you're happy with the arrangement, sew them into sections, as shown, or into rows. Press the seams in opposite directions. Make sure that your block measures correctly; make adjustments as needed.

Ta Da! One down, 19 to go! Be sure to share photos of your block on our Facebook Page and Moda's Page. Don't forget to add the tags #MyFavoriteColorIsModa and #TwinTurtleQuilts

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