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My Favorite Color is Moda, Fabric & Cutting

Block of the Month Sew Along

We are participating in Moda's latest Sew Along/Block of the Month program, My Favorite Color is Moda, that runs from February to December 2021. They are featuring their line of Bella Solids but I will be showing you how to use print fabrics for a different look to the project. Plus, as designed, the quilt measures 81" x 99". I will show you how you can easily make two smaller quilts (59" x 81"), if you want.

The three print colorways that we will be featuring are Retro (Back Porch), Floral (Folk Tale), and Traditional (various lines).

Retro Back Porch    Floral Folk Tale   Traditional


When using prints, you will want to buy a little more fabric than what the pattern calls for. The extra yardage allows for substitutions within the blocks (more on this later). Plus, this gives you the option of making the two smaller quilts. Finally, most prefer to have a little more extra fabric (not that you will make any mistakes!). You will need:

Four Main Focus fabrics (1-1/4 yd each)--Fabrics #1,3,6,8

Three Smaller prints (1-1/4 yd each)--Fabrics #4,9,10

Three Background fabrics (1-1/2 yd each)--Fabrics #2,5,7 **Edit: Fabric #2 requires 1-3/4 yard

Do not fully cut out all of the pieces as the pattern recommends. Instead, just cut out the strip widths as stated. Label each strip and the leftovers. When you are ready to do a block, the pattern tells you, for example, that you need two 7" squares from fabric #1. You would find the 7" wide strip of #1 and from it, cut two 7" squares. Cut out just what you need to do each block. Replace the labels to the remaining strip to stay organized.


Cut and Label Strips

Before starting each block, decide if you want to swap out any of the fabrics. Let's jump ahead and look at Block 9. It uses fabrics #3,7, & 9. In the Traditional and Retro colorways it looks good.

 Block 9 Traditional    Block 9 Retro

But, in the Floral, it's just ok. If we swap out fabric #9 and use #1 instead, the block is more pleasing.

 Block 9 Floral ok   Block 9 Floral better

Instead of cutting the pieces from fabric #9 strips, you will use the LEFTOVERS of fabric #1, not any of the #1 labeled strips. Not every fabric has the same amount of leftovers; some only have a little. Cutting it this way will prevent you from running out of some of the fabrics if you happen to "over swap". 

We will make fabric suggestions each month for our three colorways. Go with our suggestions or choose your own way. 

If you decide to use your own print fabrics, we would love to see your combinations, too. Share your photos on our Facebook Page. Be sure to add the following tags:

#MyFavoriteColorIsModa      #TwinTurtleQuilts

Hope you join us!


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